January 1, 1970

Employee Loans, How to Apply for the Best Loan?


What are the Employees Loans?

What are the Employees Loans?

Loans are forms of financing reserved for employees of this company. Thanks to the agreements that apply, Employees can apply for a subsidized loan, lowering interest and obtaining more liquidity.

Available Loan forms are:

  • Personal Loan
  • Employee loans
  • Delegation of Payment
  • Mortgages


What are the benefits of Employee Loans?

What are the benefits of Employee Loans?

Employees have the possibility to apply for Loans that enjoy large discounts . The main advantages are due to the interest rate , which is much lower thanks to the Cession of the Fifth and the Delegation of Payment. In order to obtain this loan, it is not expected to work long, it takes only a few months of employment and a permanent contract (without expiry) to obtain a high amount. This is why the Salary Fifth Transfer and Payment Delegation are the most attractive and most requested financial solutions for FCA employees.



What is the Cession of the Fifth? What is the Payment Delegation?


The Cessione del Quinto is a special form of non-finalized Personal Loan reserved for Employees (Ministerial, Public and Private) and Pensioners (former Public or Private Employees).

A fundamental characteristic that differentiates the assignment of the Fifth from the other technical forms of Loan is the particular repayment method, which provides for the direct involvement of the Employer / Pension in the payment to the bank providing salary / pension shares withheld from the customer on a monthly basis. In order to increase the net payable to the customer, the Delegation of Payment is assimilated to the assignment of the fifth, a type of loan that can be granted only to employees of the Ministry, Public and Private.

The assignment of the fifth is a right of the employee to whom the employer can not object . Instead the Delegation of Payment requires the consent of the employer . Summarizing, with the transfer of the fifth you can commit your monthly salary with a maximum payment of 20% and with the Payment Delegation you can take advantage of another installment of 20% of salary. For a total of 40% of the net salary. In this way, large sums of cash can be obtained (also with current mortgages or reports as bad payers).



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