By Krya Jagodzinski Internal By October 1889, the new village of Lindsey was developing rapidly and the town council was working on improving its main road to accommodate the new development. The small unincorporated village near Rock Township at the intersection of N & V County Roads grew around aRead More →

At its October 19 meeting, the Maplewood Township committee approved a vaccination mandate that will require township employees to present proof of vaccination by November 7. MAPLEWOOD, NJ – The Maplewood Township committee has decided that all municipal workers should be vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 7, when it approvedRead More →

This article is republished from The conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. The fall foliage season is a highlight of the calendar in the southern states of Maine at Georgia and west to Rocky Mountains. This is especially important in the northeast, where the fall colorsRead More →

Lentz said the explanation is too simplistic and that his team have found evidence to support human management of the region’s environment to support daily life. Amid the shift from hunting and gathering to underutilized agriculture, researchers noted measurable changes, such as decimated junipers for construction, food resources, and firewoodRead More →

“The Gathering” is the next best thing to do after having a backyard zoo. From the merciless killing of a large living oak tree – which Pecan Plantation owner Chris Reedy called “magnificent” – arose an intriguing artistic creation. Reedy and his wife, Shelly, moved into their Lansdowne Court residenceRead More →

The Flint River begins south of Atlanta and winds away from this metropolis through some of the most beautiful rural counties in the state of Georgia. Moving south, the Flint meets the Chattahoochee in Lake Seminole and from there the combined waters become the Apalachicola River, which empties into theRead More →