A 425-year-old oak tree outside Lake Geneva takes on new life as an eagle sculpture | Local News

A farm in the town of Linn has caught the eye over the past week with a wooden sculpture.

Christine Jones recently commissioned Dave Watson of Watson’s Woods in the Dells of Wisconsin to carve a wooden sculpture of an eagle from a dead tree on his farm, W3746 Linton Road in the town of Linn.

Jones said she thinks the wooden sculpture would be a welcome addition to her property and help bring joy to people who pass by the farmhouse.

“I thought it would be a good thing to have on the farm, especially with the way things are today,” Jones said. “I was a member of the city council for about 27 years, so I thought it would be a good way to give something back to the community in addition to my service.”

Watson said Jones approached him about doing a wooden sculpture on his property. He said it took him about three days to complete the eagle sculpture.

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“She’s already decided what she wants and everything. All she had to do was get the 10ft tall tree cut down and make sure it was good and strong and something I could use,” Watson said. “I do a lot of trees in people’s yards, but I’m only 10 feet or less. People call me and send me pictures of their tree. If they cut it down to 10 feet, and it’s good and healthy and there’s no rot, then that’s something that can be done.

The sculpture was carved from a 425-year-old dead oak tree. Jones said she plans to use the tree’s remaining stumps and branches to set up a nest around the eagle sculpture.

“I was like, ‘What do I do with a dead tree? Do I burn it just for firewood?'” Jones said.

The 10-foot-tall wooden sculpture looks to the right, which Jones says is the proper direction for an eagle symbol.

“When he did, he asked me which way I wanted the eagle to face,” Jones said. “I looked him up on the internet and he said when he looks to the right, it’s for freedom and the pursuit of happiness. So he’s heading in the right direction.

Jones said the sculpture received a lot of attention from people passing by the farmhouse.

A couple who recently walked past the farm said: ‘It’s amazing’ and ‘It’s so beautiful to look at’. Another motorist honked his horn as he passed the sculpture.

“That’s what I get all day. People love it,” Jones said. “It gives them a bit of pride in their country. That was what it was about.

Jones said she was unsure whether to have another wooden sculpture installed on her farm.

“It might be nice to do another one, but we’ll see,” Jones said. “I don’t want to go too far.”

Watson has been making woodcarvings for about 32 years. He has exhibited his work at the Walworth County Fair for about 19 years and at the Kenosha County Fair for about 16 years.

He said this is the last year he will work at fairs, but will still operate his business in the Dells of Wisconsin.

Watson said his woodcarvings have received a positive response at fairs.

“The fair has been really supportive of me,” Watson said. “They did very well. They have a good following.

Watson said he mainly made wood carvings of eagles and bears, but would also carve other animals and creatures.

“I’m not very good at straight lines. I stay away from cats or dogs or anything like that, but I do other animals,” Watson said. “I do a lot of raccoons, wolves and hawks. I do a lot of gnomes and little characters like that.

Watson said he became interested in wood carving after seeing someone else working on a wooden sculpture about 32 years ago.

“I thought if they could do it, I could do it,” Watson said. “So I tried, and I tried. I really enjoyed it and went from there.

For more information about Watson’s work, call 608-253-7440 or visit www.watsonwoods.com.

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