A week of upheaval: Kolberg and Sister Bay eliminated in week 2

It’s a new year in County League baseball. The top two teams from a year ago, Sister Bay and Kolberg, were upset on Sunday.

The first two or three weeks of each season are difficult to gauge because many teams are short on key starters completing an athletic season commitment in high school or college. But Kolberg and Sister Bay had their best players on hand in Week 2 losses to Maplewood and West Jacksonport, respectively.

With these upsets, the mighty Swami was a deadly 2-2 last week, leaving the season record at 6-2.

Let’s move on to week 3.

Egg Harbor (2-0) @ Kolberg (1-1), 1:30 p.m.

After two games, Egg Harbor scored 44 points. Some teams can go damn near an entire season to reach that total. Offense alone can give the Indians a chance to win the title. You know the normal cast of characters, but you throw in recent contributions from Nick Posh, Anthony Jennerjohn and Cody Bauer who haven’t played in years and this team is damn scary.

Kolberg had a mistake Sunday in his title chase, but luckily for them the Bays also lost. Jake Schneider returned to the field but was not treated very well by his rivals in southern Maplewood. Sometimes a tough loss is what makes a great team angry and more focused. I believe that will be the case here.


Washington Island (2-0) @ Sister Bay (1-1), 1:30 p.m.

Island found itself in something of a donnybrook on Sunday, leading the young Cubs just 4-3 going into the seventh inning. Then the floodgates opened and now the island is at the top of the rankings. Young pitcher Johnathan Buchta looked sharp in his mound work and Caleb Cornell was doing Caleb Cornell things. His four hits plus Ben Geiger’s four were enough to keep the island undefeated.

The Bays are in a strange position – looking up the standings. Berry pitchers don’t usually drop double digits on the scoreboard, so you know it was an off day. Like the Braves, the Bays can ill afford a second loss so early in the season.

SWAMI PREDICTION: Berries are getting back on track.

Maplewood (1-1) @ Baileys Harbor (0-2), 1:30 p.m.

The Mets woke up Monday morning with huge smiles on their faces. Winning a match is one thing, but beating your opponents makes it even more enjoyable. Drew Price threw fearlessly and it showed against a good team. Kordell Draves’ four hits led the offense as they dropped 11 runs on a typical solid Kolberg staff. A win this week and the Mets could find themselves tied for first place.

Institute (0-2) @ West Jacksonport (1-1), 1:30 p.m.

They say defense wins championships but no defense wins very few games. The Cubs committed nine errors on Sunday, making them sixteen for the season. Until they clean this part, they will suffer other big defeats. A tight 4-3 game on Sunday quickly slipped away from them. Pitcher injuries don’t help matters.

Jason Lindemann had two hits for the Ports who got off to a strong start from Drew Tanck. Bringing Luke Steebs back from college will only make this team more dangerous. They too could find themselves tied for the league lead after Sunday. They were swept by the Cubs last season, but I bet that won’t happen this year.


Week 2 Results

Egg Harbor 17, Baileys Harbor 2

Maple wood 11, Kolberg 9

Washington Island 15, Institute 3

West Jacksonport 10, Sister Bay 5


Washington Island, 2-0

Port Egg, 2-0

West Jacksonport, 1-1

Kolberg, 1-1

Sister bay, 1-1

Maple wood, 1-1

Baileys Harbor, 0-2

Institute, 0-2