Work to remove a large part of a diseased oak tree in Uckfield Cemetery has been agreed. Sick oak in a corner of Uckfield Cemetery, near Snatts Road, a substation and a house The 22-meter tree will be lowered to 3.5 m in a careful and sensitive manner to avoidRead More →

The pub has been refurbished with a rustic and modern feel: secluded nooks and verandas are offset by the bar, with wall elements, eclectic furniture and string lights adding a personal touch and a festive sparkle. Oak Tree CEOs Miranda and Andrew said, “We are very excited about the futureRead More →

Reader Submission, Community November 17, 2021 | Wednesday Mr. Editor: On Saturday, November 13, the neighborhood of Chautauqua and Niagara-on-the-Lake as a whole lost one of their oldest and oldest residents. The solid oak that had lived on Vincent Avenue for more than 200 years, one of the tallest inRead More →