‘Celebrity IOU’: Property Brothers suggests episode be renamed ‘Flooring with Phoebe’

Thea Mann is an animal caretaker who has gone through a difficult time in recent years after losing both parents. The Property Brothers will help Lisa Kudrow transform her cousin Thea’s condo into a trendy pet-friendly home.

Lisa Kudrow guest-starred on the latest episode of HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU.” The ‘Friends’ star stunned cousin Thea with a gorgeous apartment makeover with help from Jonathan and Drew Scott. Lisa’s goal was to give her cousin, whom she considers her best friend, a home that was both trendy and sturdy, so the trio renovated the condo while Thea was away. Phoebe Buffay seems to have found a funny new side!


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This week’s episode of “Celebrity IOU” drew viewers to Kleenex because it was a tearjerker. Fans saw Lisa Kudrow surprise her best friend and cousin Thea Mann by renovating her apartment. Thea Mann starred with her in an episode of “Friends”, “the one with all the wedding dresses”. She also participated in reality shows, “Bounce” and “Celebrity Name Game”. She has also worked in musical theater and at Stephanie’s restaurant in New York.

While Lisa’s cousin was away in the East, she thought it would be a good time to bring in the Property Brothers and get things started. Lisa’s ultimate goal was to make the apartment pet friendly, starting with more durable flooring for pet owners and ending with sustainable fabrics. After looking around, the Property Brothers find that the area is uneven by design and there doesn’t appear to be much storage. Since Thea worked on the kitchen a while back, the common area and the patio were the main focus.

Lisa notes that her cousin has a keen interest in vintage clothing, which requires proper storage. The Property Brothers noticed that removing the fireplace and installing a mantel would improve the overall look of the area. The space demanded a centerpiece. Both Lisa and the Property Brothers wanted the renovation process to prioritize utility, storage capacity, durability and style. Given the home’s animal-to-human ratio, the Property Brother opts for an exquisite but dog-run seating area.

The area has been transformed into a work of art with new premium vinyl flooring and stylish seating. The Property Brothers then outfitted the space with appropriate furniture to make it pleasant to live in. Lisa Kudrow helped demolish the half wall, while the brothers stripped the floor in half a day. As an unskilled and terrified Lisa Kudrow tries to help with all the manual labor, the Property Brothers suggest renaming the episode “Flooring with Phoebe” in her honor. With just 3.5 weeks to go, the whole process flew by. In the condo, the twins chose to install energy-efficient recreation lighting. They transformed her old storage unit into a unique dressing room that is both elegant and functional. The focal point of the room moved once the old fireplace was renovated.

Lisa Kudrow returns to Property Brothers at the end to finalize details. Despite her lack of experience, she assisted in the selection of the performance fabric to be used. His main priority was that whatever they chose looked good and lasted a long time. A canopy bench was built on the patio with the idea of ​​being “contemporary but warm”. A new pantry and pet pillow are also added to the space. The pet pillow was designed with a slight rise (and the use of a pee pillow) for the convenience of pets and their owners. The floor was covered with luxurious vinyl planks. They glued it down to prevent any sound from coming out.

The new patio doors had the biggest impact on the renovation. From maple wood cat shelves, to high-end style performance fabric, to outfitting kitchen shelves from a floor-to-ceiling pantry to building new closets for vintage clothes, it’s all s turned out excellent and was finally praised by Thea. She appreciated Lisa’s gesture of designing her space to make her life easier. Lisa felt her cousin deserved it after four tough years, and the Property Brothers made sure it happened for her.

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