DO IT YOURSELF: Home improvement projects kick off as the weather heats up | News

As temperatures rise, homeowners are heading to local home improvement stores to pick up materials and tools to make their homes a little cozier.

Right now is patio season, so local residents come to Tahlequah Lumber for materials to renovate or build patios for their backyards. To do this, they will need wood, screws, wood sealant and stain.

Around the house, gardening is in vogue this year, as are raised beds. With the cost of planters and raised beds rising, Christian Cruz, manager of Tahlequah Lumber, recommends homeowners make their own.

“People may not know that you can use fence posts for this. It’s the same thing. We have our cedar fence pickets for $3.95,” he said.

Cruz cuts off the dog’s ear above the cedar fence, then uses it to create a planter. He said he could build two boxes for about $20.

“It’s cheaper than what it takes to fill them,” he said.

For those who want to separate their garden from the lawn, but not elevate it, he recommends roll edging.

“It’s something we’ll do at home, but it’s difficult here. It’s really rocky, so you have to dig deeper than you normally would, and you have to put in a weed barrier,” Cruz said.

In most of Oklahoma, simply place the divider in the desired location and drive it into the ground. However, in Green Country, it is necessary to dig a thin hole to ensure that there are no rocks in the ground.

Tahlequah Lumber sells hummingbird feeders. Hummingbirds are returning to Oklahoma gardens, and many stores sell different styles of bird feeders.

“Some people like to use the standard pre-made nectar. Some people say it is a bit harmful. You can make simple syrup on your stovetop with water and sugar, so there are no colorings,” Cruz said.

Many lawns are in poor condition after winter. To get them back in shape, Cruz recommends adding a turf builder. Within a month, new seeds will sprout and fill in the spots left by the winter cold.

It is also important to spread tick pellets throughout the yard. He recommends starting at home and moving outward. This way unwanted ants and ticks will be kept away from the house.

“One thing we’ve seen is the nuisance field mice, now that it’s spring, those senses are coming out,” Cruz said.

Moles also come out of hibernation and bore holes in the ground. Mole peanuts are a popular and effective choice for getting rid of unwanted lawn vermin.

It’s also the time of year when we worry about fencing.

“Anything that’s wooden fencing or chain link fencing, they’ll patch it up and patch it up. Anything from coops, coops, setting up your chickens for spring, people have to start worrying about that,” said Tahlequah Lumber employee Billy Kissinger.

This is also the time of year to clean siding and add exterior paint.

“A lot of people are renting our pressure washers right now. It will remove paint chips, wood and debris,” Cruz said.

Homeowners can insert caulking and spray foam insulation as needed, then apply exterior paint. Currently there is a nationwide shortage of paint, especially in 5 gallon pails.

Lesa Cordle, an employee at Hearth and Pool, said it was the time of year to invest in swimming pools.

“What seems to be the most popular right now is that we have a pool that we get inquiries about. It’s not a Walmart pool. It has a quality metal wall. It’s one that will last you 20 years,” Cordle said.

For many, it is easier to buy an above ground pool because it is expensive to remove the stones, which are commonplace in this part of the country.

“An above ground pool is an affordable way to have a swimming pool in your backyard. You want to make sure it’s a quality pool. It can be a big problem,” she said.

Hearth and Pool also sells wood and gas fireplaces, both indoors and outdoors.

“We still sell wood stoves. We still make gas logs. There are a lot of people doing renovations. There are fire pits they have installed. You can put up a unit and build a patio, and you have outdoor space,” Cordle said.

She said spring is the perfect time to sweep chimneys because it makes homes smell better. Also, if homeowners wait until fall to clean their chimneys, they may be on the waiting list for a month or more.