Ellesmere: City Council confirms Jubilee Oak will remain

An oak tree planted for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by Ellesmere Town Council will remain in its current place after concerns raised by a member of the public were addressed.

Town clerk Jo Butterworth told council’s last monthly meeting that an oak tree had been planted near the Birch Road pond to help with the Green Canopy.

However, a resident had raised concerns about its location and longevity issues, but Miss Butterworth told the meeting that steps had been taken to allay the fears.

She said: “The tree has been planted but concerns have been raised by members of the public who have questioned its location as they had previously thought it would be on higher ground.

“They said the planting of the oak tree would take water from the Birch Road pond because it needs water.

“However, I have spoken to Rob McBride, the tree expert, who says that is ok but thinks that in this case the roots of the oak will take hold elsewhere.

“The concerns were met and they were happy to continue.”

Miss Butterworth confirmed the member of the public has been updated.

She also announced good news for four residents who have been nominated for a garden party this year courtesy of the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire.

Initially, the application was for one person or a pair, but the clerk reported that Ifran and Rosie Mukadam of Ellesmere Newsagents; Julie Edwards of Mere Motors and Amanda Byrne, former Community Co-op Champion, will all attend the event.

She also reported that all were delighted to receive the nomination.

Also at the meeting, councilors declared their interest in supporting a West Mercia Police proposal to establish a community speed watch program in the area.

The meeting was told that although it is organized by force, it will be facilitated and managed by trained volunteers using a hand gun.

Details of drivers caught speeding would be passed on to police who will contact them.

It was agreed to support the proposal and it will be added to a future agenda with a scheduled speaker.

Meanwhile, changes were made to council’s concerns in the Ellesmere Police Charter, amending a list of anti-social behavior to include vandalism, while replacing traffic offenses with domestic violence.

Drugs remain a concern.