Gillfor acquires building products distributor AFA Forest Products

Gillfor Distribution Inc., parent company of OWL Distribution, McIlveen Lumber Industries, Brunswick Valley Distribution and Brown & Rutherford Co., is pleased to announce the purchase of AFA Forest Products Inc.

​AFA is a leading and long-standing distributor of building products in Canada and is headquartered in Bolton, Ontario. AFA owns and operates 13 distribution facilities that serve the entire Canadian retail, wholesale and industrial landscape for basic lumber and specialty products.

​Gillfor and AFA will continue to operate in parallel until a full operational assessment is completed and a seamless integration can be executed. A detailed plan and contact list will be shared with all stakeholders for the ongoing integration in due course.

“The Gill brothers had a vision to establish a national distribution channel for Cedar family production in British Columbia, the realization of this Canadian dream began in 2012 with the entry into the distribution industry. The acquisition of AFA will make Gillfor one of Canada’s largest distributors of building products and enable us to provide true local partnerships from coast to coast,” said Gary Gill, President, Gillfor Distribution and Fraserview Group of Companies.

“This acquisition provides Gillfor with a strategic and well-established distribution partner that will provide suppliers and customers with a comprehensive and consistent go-to-market strategy for its products and programs,” said Bob Dosanjh, CEO of Gillfor Distribution.

“We are very excited about this tremendous opportunity for all of our customers, suppliers and partner employees. The acquisition and consolidation will bring tremendous growth opportunities for all and is a very complementary transaction. The customer and supplier experience is paramount to success of AFA and it will continue in a new and dynamic direction,” said Grant Yegavian, CEO, and Murray Finkbiner, President, AFA Forest Products.

Gillfor is an independent wholesale distributor of building materials, including lumber and specialty products, which owns and operates six distribution centers. Gillfor aligns itself with market leading suppliers and sawmills to ensure its customers receive quality products in a timely manner.

AFA was founded by four colleagues and friends in 1974. Beginning with a single branch in Bolton, specializing in the distribution of construction plywood and lumber to the Ontario commodity market, AFA d ‘today is truly coast-to-coast and has maintained its position as one of the industry’s leading distributors for a wide range of building products, delivering value with honesty and integrity.