Hero’s Hour Beginner Tips

Many classic genres are experiencing a resurgence – a renaissance if you want to have fun with your verbiage. Turn-based strategy games in the vein of Heroes Of Might And Magic or Age Of Wonders are among those subgenres that are (finally) making a comeback. hero’s hour is one of those games trying to evoke that classic sense of nostalgia.

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It might not look like it, but Hero’s Hour brings modern design to the venerable formula and manages to create a game that plays fast, has surprising depth, and twists the combat system into something unique. It can be difficult to understand everything at first – especially without prior knowledge of the genre – and that’s where we come in.


Play the tutorial

This may seem obvious to some, but there will be players who skip this option. Especially experienced gamers in the genre. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on, just play the damn thing. The tutorial is quite short, although it ends with playing a vertical slice of a real skirmish.

It very effectively covers all the mechanics you’ll need to learn, it shows you the ins and outs of combat, and most importantly, it explains how the passage of time works.. All in all, you should spend a few minutes learning the absolute basics before heading into the depths without a float.

Choose a small card

There is no campaign in Hero’s Hour. This game is entirely made by players skirmishes against AI. It might seem unusual these days, but back in the day the campaign was the secondary attraction of skirmish mode. The thing is, it can be overwhelming. There are loads of maps to choose from, of varying sizes, scales, and complexities, so it’s easy to get lost.

Once the tutorial is finished, you should jump into a reasonably small map that doesn’t have too many AI opponents. Familiarize yourself with how the game plays in a real match, then move on to some of the more outlandish maps once you’ve gained some degree of familiarity.

Which faction to choose?

One of Hero’s Hour’s biggest draws is the sheer number of factions on offer. There are 12 to choose fromand each faction has a pool of heroes, each with their own starting armies, skill trees, and abilities. As with everything else so far, it can get overwhelming – in a good way of course.

The best way to start is to simply choose a faction that looks or sounds good. It’s that simple. Demons have all sorts of teleport shenanigans while the undead can reanimate the dead. It’s all about experimentation. The key is to choose a faction and stick with them, however.. Get to know the ins and outs of it before you start jumping in and diluting your pool of experience.

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Prioritize your income

Now that you’re in a game, what do you do? Well, first of all, you want to prioritize your income. We’re not just talking about your finances either, we also talk about resources. If you ever hesitate on what to do, look for a way to enrich the kingdom. Is there a sawmill in the distance? Take it. Should I increase my daily gold generation? Yes.

There are expectations to this rule, especially in the first round of the game. In general, though, if analysis paralysis kicks in, grab something that generates resources. Depending on your faction, try to scavenge buildings, resources, and sites that provide vital resources, such as wood.

Build a Tavern in the first turn

This may seem counter-intuitive. The tavern does not generate any income, it does not provide any resources and it does not increase your army. So why should you build one from the start of the game? Simple, you want to recruit a second Hero as soon as possible.

A second hero grants all sorts of tangible benefits to your game. First of all, you get a second set of starting units that you can transfer to your first hero. Secondly, this hero can be used to transport units from your city to your first hero without wasting valuable turns. To finish, this guy is great for picking up resources and exploring the map. You want your main force to kill things and accomplish important tasks. Your backup can do all the heavy lifting and claim the location.

Not lagging

Hero’s Hour is a fast game. Enemy factions are out for blood, and they will become aggressive and send armies after you very quickly. You will have a few weeks to prepare and you will need every second if you want to survive the initial attack. Lounging around and playing inefficiently for too long will leave you dead on the floor.

You want to carefully plan your turns and make sure you’re doing everything you can, at every turn. It means leading two heroes, it means building something – anything – every turn. Be sure to produce units when you can. There should never be a slowdown – every turn should be an important part of your overall strategy.

Don’t neglect your army

You can push your economy early and build a tavern on the first turn, but that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels and not produce a standing army to protect the lands. Your city can produce a lot of units every week, but you have to get the building built if you want to get the most out of it.

Because your city only produces new units when creating a unit-producing buildingWhere at the start of a new weekyou want to make sure you have built as many military buildings as possible before the start of the second week. This will give you a much larger army than if you delayed even one building, and it will give you a great boost.

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The infirmaries are exceptional

Another building you shouldn’t overlook is the Infirmaries, as they’re just too good to pass up.. Now you don’t want to build one during the first week because you have other priorities, but you want to build one in your second week.

The infirmary, and its possible improvements, will heal 50-80% of all your kills and return them to your city to be retrieved later. This turnover is too good to ignore. You may receive a crushing blow in battle, but the long-term loss will not be so severe. Not only that, but they stack with other sources of awakening, such as the Druid’s Heal skill.

Build a magic circle

One of the key elements of combat is magic, and the fastest way to earn new spells is to build the circle of magic. Like in the infirmary, you don’t want to push this up your priority list until week twobut you want it to work before your third.

Magic in Hero’s Hour can win battles almost on its own, so being able to bring four additional spells just by investing in a single building is a powerful swing that’s hard to match or even quantify. As you level it up, you’ll earn even more spells to boot.

Don’t be afraid to use magic

Magic is devastating in Hero’s Hour. He is so powerful that he can turn an impossible fight into a breeze provided you have the right spells and know when to use them.. You have a limited pool of Mana to play with, but it heals over timeso there is no need to be frugal with your expenses here.

Generally, buffs, debuffs, summons, and crowd control are much more important than damage spells.. A fireball can kill a few clumped enemies, but Berserk will cause huge chunks of enemies to attack their allies. Haste will allow your units to crash into their army before their ranged units separate you. You can summon elementals to their backline and distract their archers. the possibilities are limitless.

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