Latvian authorities continue to take measures to prevent imports and exports of sanctioned goods – Baltic News Network

In August, there were attempts to smuggle 22,080 kg of wooden briquettes, 22,800 kg of used wooden railway beams, as well as nails across the border into Latvia from Belarus, as reported the State Revenue Service (VID).

Since the entry into force of the legislative acts of the European Union, the VID customs office carefully monitors the import and export of all goods under sanctions.

Attempts to circumvent sanctions by declaring goods with fake barcodes were noted on August 3 and 17, 2022 at border checkpoints on the Latvian-Belarusian border.

The details of the case have been submitted to the VID tax and customs police to start an investigation and criminal prosecution.

The list of goods under sanctions includes several groups. For example, it is forbidden to import from Belarus such goods as wood and its products, fertilizers, new tires, petroleum products, cement, concrete, stone products, steel products.

A total of 2,073 cargo units were returned and a total of 1,238 potential sanctions violations were recorded in Latvia between spring 2022 and the end of July.

The VID Tax and Customs Police initiated a total of 32 criminal cases for violation of sanctions imposed by international organizations and the Republic of Latvia.