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Memorabilia from the former Hemphill ISD Gymnasium really make a difference

HEMPHILL, Texas (KTRE) — Hemphill ISD has found a unique way to hold on to history.

After demolishing the Hemphill High School gymnasium built in 1936, they came up with the idea of ​​using bricks and wood from the historic building to create knives.

Hemphill ISD is eagerly awaiting delivery of these historic knives after waiting around eight months for them.

The district contacted Marvin Mott with TKC Knives to help them preserve Hemphill’s history.

“They were tearing down an old gymnasium here that was built in the 1930s, and I came in and we gathered some of the brick and wood from the project and brought it back and we went through our process. , and we started building and making the knives,” Mott said.

The school district decided to offer each organization the opportunity to sell the knives as a fundraiser.

They sold 600 knives to people in the community who wanted to keep a piece of the historic building.

The knives are made of bricks and wood from the building, but also have the school’s name and mascot engraved on the blade.

“You’re not just building a knife, you’re building a piece of history, and we’re doing a certificate of authenticity with it, which has a picture of the building it came out of and a little story on the back that talks about the history of the building, where it came from and where it was built, it’s great fun to do it,” Mott said.

School board chairman Kim Scales said people were upset the gymnasium was torn down. But they appreciate the knife and the story behind it even after a long wait.

“I haven’t heard anything negative about it, even after the wait; we’ve had a great response and people are saying ‘oh they’re beautiful and worth the wait,’ Scales said,

Scales also says the history of wood used in knives goes beyond the gym.

“An ancient timber industry, which was originally the Temple timber industry, started here in east Mayfield and this community and this building, the original gymnasium was built from a part of that wood in the 1930s. What is estimated started to grow in the 1700s. So that’s part of the history that was huge at the time here in Hemphill and has also gone,” said said Scales.

The school is now taking orders for a second batch of knives.

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