Natural Pod partners with three disruptive, planet-friendly Canadian companies to transform learning environments

Natural Pod, a Canadian manufacturer of educational furniture, partners with leading sustainability-focused brands ChopValue, Unbuilders, Halfmoon to radically transform K-12 learning spaces. Their goal: sensory inclusivity and environmental education.

Children sitting on a rug on the floor doing a puzzle.

The Better Together Partnership collection underscores the intention that furniture should be part of the learning space, not the focal point. Its main functions are to be a canvas for learning experiences and a catalyst for activities.

Close-up of a classroom equipped with wooden educational furniture, green plants, pillows and textiles in neutral colors.

The collection consists of wooden education furniture by Natural Pod, desk units made from recycled chopsticks by ChopValue, a collaboration table made with reclaimed wood by Unbuilders, and textiles made ethically by Halfmoon.

The products of all partners are the result of a learning experience lived by each founder and team. They demonstrate that if we stay curious, amazed, and experiment, we can achieve remarkable results.

— Bridgitte Alomes, Founder and CEO of Natural Pod

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 11, 2022 / — Natural Pod, a Canadian manufacturer of educational furniture, curated a collection of mixed-material furniture and textiles with three leading sustainability-focused brands. The selected products aim not only to improve the tactile experience and the harmonious visual appearance of learning spaces; they will also educate the next generation in environmental ingenuity.

Bringing together sustainable, innovative and value-driven brands with the intention of helping to create cutting-edge learning environments together is Bridgitte Alomes’ mission. The founder and CEO of Natural Pod, a Canadian manufacturer of educational furniture, invited three brands, each a leader in their own right, to join forces and products. “The Better Together Partnership Collection”‘ with Natural Pod, ChopValue, Unbuilders and Halfmoon was born. The collection educates children about environmental ingenuity and conscious materials in a tactile way. While transforming their classroom with natural materials and neutral colors toning down heavy sensory stimuli. The result is a calm, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Sustainable innovation
“The products of all the partners are the result of a learning experience lived by each founder and team. They demonstrate that if we stay curious, amazed and experiment, we can obtain remarkable results”, explains Bridgitte Alomes.

ChopValue, the world’s first circular economy franchise, is fighting single-use chopsticks. So far, it has diverted more than 60 million baguettes from landfills by collecting them from restaurants and businesses. In a network of micro-factories, baguettes are pressed into tiles and turned into furniture and home accessories. The warm feel and unique appearance of the clearly visible chopsticks make them favorites of students and educators.

The Unbuilders Deconstruction team is disrupting the demolition industry with its concept of reclaiming heritage wood from demolition sites and salvaging it. For “The Better Together Collection,” Unbuilders and Natural Pod designed a four-by-four-foot table made from reclaimed wood; wood that is often 100 years old. The table is extremely durable and its measurements are perfect for students and educators to gather and collaborate. The beautiful grain of the wood raises questions about the material and its history.

Halfmoon manufactures its textile products just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. With Natural Pod, the Halfmoon team curated bundles of high-quality functional and organic textiles and yoga accessories for kids. All intended for versatile use in learning spaces. Soft, sensory bolsters, pillows and rugs outfit reading nooks and retreat areas, and add a new level of comfort and coziness to any learning environment.

Natural Pod designs and manufactures sustainable, planet-friendly wooden learning furniture that enhances the health, well-being, and learning experience of students. Its multifunctional tables, benches and stools complete the Better Together Partnership collection.

Respect and educate a new generation
In its entirety, the mixed material collection consists of innovative and sustainable furniture and ethically produced textiles for learning spaces. The harmonious aesthetics and neutral colors of the pieces in the collection minimize visual overstimulation. The pleasant tactile experience of all product surfaces respectfully accommodates sensory sensitivities. Each item in the collection has a story to tell and the potential to educate a new generation in environmental ingenuity and innovative problem solving.

About NaturalPod
The Better Together partnership collection is offered exclusively to the learning community by Natural Pod, a Canadian learning solutions company. Using in-house design, construction, and product sourcing, Natural Pod creates environments that enhance student health, well-being, and learning experience, while positively impacting the planet.

About the collection
The Better Together Partnership Collection is a mixed material collection of sustainably designed and manufactured furniture and textiles. The collection’s aesthetic promotes the elimination of distractions through natural surfaces and soft colors. Transforming a classroom by adding a welcoming sense of place and similarly educating the next generation in environmental ingenuity. All products are made and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, for learning spaces with long-lasting durability and strength in mind.

Natural Pod: Benches, Tables, Stools
ChopValue: Height Adjustable Set Includes 1 Height Adjustable Desk, 1 Locking File Cabinet and 6 Hexagonal Wall Tiles
Unbuilders: 4′ x 4′ table, indoor/outdoor table
Halfmoon: Cotton Bundle (cotton cushions in 4 sizes and shapes, a blanket and mat), Linen Bundle (linen cushions in 4 sizes and shapes, plus a cotton blanket and mat), Kids Yoga Bundle (4 children’s yoga mats, cushions, bolsters and cork blocks)

About Partners
Worldwide, 1.5 billion disposable chopsticks are used per week. Single use and landfill they go. Until ChopValue founder Felix Böck, a wood engineer with a doctorate in bamboo composites, saw untapped potential and urban harvesting was born. To date, ChopValue has recycled over 53 million chopsticks and diverted them from landfill into furniture and home accessories.

More than one-third (37%) of the Canadian demolition industry’s annual waste is lumber. Companies waste usable and renewable resources. UNBUILDERS led by CEO Adam Corneil is changing that. They “deconstruct” the buildings and collect all the wood. Deconstruction instead of demolition. Unbuilders & Natural Pod have designed one-of-a-kind furniture to breathe new life into reclaimed wood. The furniture is made by Heritage Lumber, a British Columbia specialist in sourcing, milling and processing reclaimed wood.

Half Moon
Halfmoon products are made just outside of Vancouver, BC, and consciously designed for various practices. Their West Coast wisdom, experience and energy is woven into everything they create. Through a partnership, Halfmoon and Natural Pod offer quality textiles for versatile use in learning environments, whether it’s for mindfulness or a soft space to read, these materials bring warmth and comfort to any learning space. learning.

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