Northeast Ohio Chainsaw Artist Wows Visitors

Shari Staiduhar’s buzzing chainsaw was a familiar sound midway through this year’s 200th Great Geauga County Fair.

Shari Staiduhar’s buzzing chainsaw was a familiar sound halfway through the 200e Great Geauga County Fair.

Staiduhar, owner of Rocky Mountain Carving Creations in Thompson Township, showed off his chainsaw carving expertise Sept. 1, creating bears, eagles, horses, owls and many other detailed carvings on the busy path at half way.

“There’s a wide variety of wood carvings that I do,” Staiduhar said. “I tried to work on different things because it’s my 21st year here.”

Next to his workstation, Staiduhar’s booth showcased a variety of his finished wooden creations for sale during the five-day event.

“There’s nothing there that I can’t do. I can do anything anyone wants,” Staiduhar said. “Especially from a photo.”

The self-taught sculptor has a knack for working quickly and creating realistic, detailed pieces, the fruit of a wealth of experience over the past 25 years.

“I have 35 chainsaws and use specific saws for specific applications,” she said. “Usually you start with one, but that’s why you have 35, so I can switch to another saw if needed.”

Staiduhar said she was looking forward to entertaining the crowd and watching the audience’s jaws drop.

“I go very fast and it amazes a lot of people. I’m doing this to keep everyone on top of what’s going on and not get to the point where okay, it’s boring,” Staiduhar said. “If you take too long with the carving, they don’t see the finished product.”

Within minutes, Staiduhar sculpts a Brutus the Buckeye, formed from the top half of a log.

“I worked on the Brutus the Buckeye for the Apple Pie auction,” Staiduhar said. “He’s turned out pretty good and he’s holding his football.”

Staiduhar said bears are generally everyone’s favorite object, but there was no particular sculpture that was popular with visitors.

“I had roosters, chickens, corn, tree frogs, turtles and Santa Claus,” Staiduhar said. “There’s just such variety.”

The price of Staiduhar’s creations ranges from $45 to $1,000.