Parade route and line-up announced | Local News

DECATUR COUNTY – To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Decatur County and the City of Greensburg this year, the Pat Smith Bicentennial Parade will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 11.

To date, organizers John Pratt and Merrill Smith have approximately 102 floats and entries committed to the parade. For reference, the last Fall Festival Parade had 51.

“I think this promises to be one of the greatest parades of all time,” Smith said.

“Kids, bring your buckets,” Pratt said. “Because there are sweets to be had.”

The parade begins at KB Foods and heads south on Broadway, then turns left on Washington Street for one block, ending at Franklin and Washington.

Photo ops and autographs will be available for notable personalities and vehicles at the end of the parade.

Parade entries must line up for the event according to the following numbers and their correspondence with the map included with this story.

1. Flying Tigers Navy Cadets

2. Greensburg Police Department – ​​Chief Mike McNealy

3. Sheriff Dave Durant

4. Mayberry Police Car – Loren Beck

5. Legion Veterans

6. Avenue of Optimist Flags

7. Tree City Mascot and Mayor’s Swamp

8. Grand Marshall – the incomparable Pat Smith

9. Miss Bicentennial – Olivia Vanderbur

10. Miss Bicentennial 1st Runner Up – Taylor Gramman

11. Miss Bicentennial 2nd Runner Up – Taylor Smith

12. Miss Bicentennial Conviviality – Regan Westerfeld

13. Miss Junior Bicentennial – Ameliah Colin

14. Junior Miss Bicentennial 1st Runner Up – Tiffani Gramman

15. Junior Miss Bicentennial 2nd Runner Up – Madeline Risher

16. Junior Miss Congeniality – Alexxis Baluyot

17. Little Miss Bicentennial – Madison Moore

Little Mr. Bicentennial – Hudsyn Kraushar

18. Little Miss Bicentennial 1st Runner Up – Claire Mang

Little Mr. Bicentennial 1st Runner Up – James Verseman

19. Little Miss Bicentennial 2nd Runner Up – Katherine Maddux

Little Miss Congeniality – Addy Jo Krausher

20. Competitors in the bicentenary competitions

Decatur Queens County History

21. Miss Indiana 1984, Miss Tree City 1983, Top 20 Mrs. American National Pageant – Mary Lou Davis

22. Miss Tree City 1984 – Jayne Gault

23. Miss Decatur County 1971 – Lana Powers Holland

24. Miss Decatur County 1972 – Beverly Brown

25. Miss Decatur County 1999 – Laura Moorman

26. Miss Decatur County 2000 – Desiree Fletcher Shaw

27. Miss Decatur County 2002 – Lauren Nobbe McReynolds

28. Miss Decatur County 2007 – Courtney Collins

29. Miss Tree City 2002 – Heather Roszelle Karazsia

30. Miss Tree City 2004 – Brianna Kovacich Krausher

31. Miss Tree City 2008 – Natalie Herbert Moorman

32. Miss Tree City 2011, Miss Decatur County 2013, Little Miss Tree City 1999 – Ericka Lynn Carman Reed

34. Miss Tree City 2012 – Jessica Able

35. Miss Tree City 2018 – Ashley Dearmand Sowers

36. Little Miss Tree City 2004 – Kjersten Hess

Little Mr. Tree City 2004 – Tanner Carman

37. Little Miss Tree City 2012, Little Miss Indiana 2015 – Gweneth Blair

38. Little Miss Tree City 2019 – Gwendolyn Gauck

39. Little Miss Congeniality 2012 – Chelsi Spillman

Little Miss Congeniality 2021 – Ellie Gilbert

Tree City Fall Festival 2021

40. Miss Tree City 2021 – Grace Young

41. Junior Miss Tree City 2021 – Chase Christianson

42. Little Miss Tree City 1st Runner Up 2021 – Lillian Arnett

Little Mr. Tree City 2019 and 2020 – Jonathon Arnett

43. Main Street Westport Little Miss and Mr.

44. Reigning Miss Decatur County – Grace Reiger

45. Visit Greensburg

46. ​​Greensburg Fire Department and EMS

47. Decatur County Historical Society

48. Team Bus from the movie Hoosiers

49. Hoosiers Movie Buddy – Brad Long (driven by Tom Cherry in a 1929 Model A)


51. WTRE Radio

52. Decatur County Greensburg Marching Band

53. Randy Ollis – WISH TV 8

54. Janie from Popeye and Friends

55. Abe Lincoln

56. Carl Fisher

57. General Lew Wallace

58. Car in which Bobby Kennedy visited Greensburg in 1968

59. Benjamin Harrison in the Kennedy car

60. Elwood Staff

61. Super heroes on roller skates

62. Decatur County Community Foundation

63. Greensburg – Decatur County Public Library

64. Girl Scouts

65. Chamber of Commerce

66. Tree County Players

67. Indy curb walkers

68. Thomas Hendricks Family

69. Decatur County Farmers Mutual Insurance

70. Decatur County Memorial Hospital

71. Ira Hollensbe’s 1904 Simplicity Transported by Maurice Brown

72. Three 1929 Model A Fords – Bill Obermeyer

73. 1931 Model A – Luke Koehne

74. Jackson Nursery Antique Truck

75. 1952 Chevrolet Truck – Tom Cherry

76. 1988 Dodge Pickup – Larry Schofner

77. Sweets Wrecker Service (three trucks)

78. Greensburg Lions Club

79. Re-elect Sheriff Durant

80. Decatur County Right to Life

81. Decatur County Parks and Recreation Department

82. Circus performers juggling

83. Keller Williams

84. Decatur County Democrats

85. Indiana National Guard Humvee

86. Napoleon State Bank

87. YMCA

88. Rotary of Greensburg

89. Good Shepherd Christian Academy

90. Greensburg City Council – Vietta McKenzie

91. Decatur County Republicans

92. Exodus

93. Kelly Services

94. Sandcreek Baptist Church

95. TBD

96. CMR

97. Lincoln Real Estate

98. Enneking Motor Bodywork and Sales

99. Diamond Backs T-Ball Team

100. Two John Deere Hi-Crop Tractors – Bill Obermeyer

101. Power of the Past

102. Triple R Horse

The Decatur County Marching Band will participate in the parade along with professional clowns, princesses and an assortment of regional celebrities, including Randy Ollis and Janie from Popeye and Janie. The bus that the Hickory crew rode in the movie “Hoosiers” will also be in the parade as well as Brad Long, the actor who played Buddy in the movie.

Vintage cars, vintage tractors and circus performers will be present. The Bobby Kennedy convertible will be on the parade. The 1904 Simplicity vehicle, built by Ira Hollensbe of Greensburg, returns to the City of Trees after decades for the Bicentennial Parade. Historic imitators and the Mayberry Squad car will also be featured.

Additionally, Larry Sparks of the Bluegrass Hall of Fame will perform a free concert at 7 p.m. Saturday in the Rebekah Park Amphitheater as part of the city/county’s Bicentennial lineup.