Stow residents discuss the future of Maplewood Pool after it closes

Maplewood Pool members gathered at Stow Town Hall on Tuesday evening to discuss the future of the private pool.

After Maplewood Pool announced it would not open for the 2022 season due to a staffing shortage in early May, Jennifer Stanley Vober ​​and other members said they feared it might open next summer.

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“I grew up in this pool,” she said. “Stow has nothing like it. It’s important to the neighborhood.”

Stanley Vober ​​is a lifetime member of Maplewood Pool and previously served as a board member and president.

The meeting, which was only open to pool members and members of Stow City Council, gave nearly 60 pool members who showed up the opportunity to discuss a plan to eventually open this summer or prepare for next year.

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Councilman Dave Licate said he was invited by a member of the pool to attend the meeting, but council members did not offer their input during the discussion.

“Tuesday’s meeting was to explain the financial situation of the pool, ask members for ideas on how to move forward and ask members to either vote on imposing an additional membership fee (for to be able to open the doors this season) or to vote to dissolve,” he said. “The members chose the evaluation.”

The pool was established in the 1950s as a neighborhood pool for Maplepark Development in Stow. In the 1970s, pool membership was open to any resident of Stow. This summer would have been the pool’s 62nd season.

“I’ve been going there since I was 12. I was on the swim team,” Stanley Vober ​​said. “My daughter was on the swim team. Now there are 225 kids on the swim team.”

Licate said there was no discussion about whether the city could buy the pool.

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“I believe the confusion arose from a section of the Maplewood bylaws which stated that the town of Stow would take over management of the pool if the privy council was no longer able to manage the property,” he said. -he declares.

According to the board, this provision was removed from the bylaws in 2018.

Pool members have agreed to meet again in the fall to quickly prepare for summer 2023, including improving publicity, fundraising and increasing membership.

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“It would not do the city justice to close this pool,” said Stanley Vober. “There are swimmers who are going to swim at the college level from this pool. It takes a whole village. There are a lot of volunteers because people care about this pool.”

Maplewood’s board of directors could not immediately be reached for comment.

Journalist Molly Walsh can be reached at [email protected]