Structural problems force town of Woodland to remove oak from valley – Daily Democrat

After a thorough risk assessment, community engagement with neighbors, and consultation with the Woodland Tree Foundation, the Town of Woodland is unfortunately considering removing the Great Oak from the Valley on Casa Linda Drive due to serious structural issues.

An advanced risk assessment conducted in August by a licensed arborist determined that the oak presents a significant risk of tree failure and should be removed. During seven site visits using a variety of methods, the arborist discovered significant structural problems, including rotting in the wood near some primary branches and in the trunk itself.

A tomogram found “essentially no healthy wood on parts of the north, west and east sides of the trunk” when measured 12 inches above street level, according to a city press release. The report classified trunk failure as likely over the next 20 years and primary or secondary limb failure as possible over the next five years.

The City of Woodland plans to commemorate this oak tree on Arbor Day 2022 and save some of its wood for public display, benches and more.

The full risk assessment is available here:

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