Work to remove a large part of a diseased oak tree in Uckfield Cemetery has been agreed. Sick oak in a corner of Uckfield Cemetery, near Snatts Road, a substation and a house The 22-meter tree will be lowered to 3.5 m in a careful and sensitive manner to avoidRead More →

The pub has been refurbished with a rustic and modern feel: secluded nooks and verandas are offset by the bar, with wall elements, eclectic furniture and string lights adding a personal touch and a festive sparkle. Oak Tree CEOs Miranda and Andrew said, “We are very excited about the futureRead More →

The Century Oak at Ringwood, Bretton. Photo: Richard Simcox. Protesters in Ringwood, Bretton last month set up round-the-clock surveillance on a century-old oak tree near Barnard Way properties after council authorized its logging. Oak dates back to the 14th century and the original Grimshaw Wood. These are now two treesRead More →

(Left to right) Victor Lopes, Elden-Center Street Intersection Improvement Project Manager, and Herndon Town Forester John Dudzinsky begin counting growth rings on the struggling Oak Overcup , as evidenced by the signs of illness. It obstructed the quadrant of the approach sight triangle to the all-fours intersection, causing a safetyRead More →

Clay Terrace owner Washington Prime plans to move forward with redevelopment of the Carmel shopping center despite reports that the company is preparing a possible bankruptcy filing. On March 4, Bloomberg reported that Washington Prime, based in Columbus, Ohio, which owns about 100 shopping centers in the United States, plansRead More →

A historic Bluffton oak tree, where the first seeds of South Carolina’s secession movement took root, has fallen. Commonly referred to as the “Secession Oak,” the over 300-year-old tree is considered by many historians to be the birthplace of the “Bluffton Movement”, which sparked the state’s decision to separate fromRead More →