what’s up, music-theatre-arts, Counterpoint, Ali Aedy, Tess Horowitz, David Attwood, Dorte Conroy, M16, art review Ali Aedy and Tess Horwitz: Counterpart (Gallery 1); David Attwood: Oaks (Gallery 2); Dorte Conroy: Top (Gallery 3). M16 artistic space. Until February 27. m16artspace.com.au. These three exhibitions are articulate examples of the multi-faceted facetsRead More →

Black oak (Quercus velutinalisten)) is a medium to large deciduous oak tree commonly found in the eastern half of the United States. A black oak can be identified by its bark and leaves. The bark is usually dark blackish or brownish gray and the leaves are green with lobes endowedRead More →

Willow oak (Quercus phelloslisten)) is a common deciduous oak. A member of the red oak family, this tree has a dense, usually rounded crown and simple, linear leaves. Willow oaks are typically found in parts of the southeastern United States, north such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania and west suchRead More →

“Oaks are key to California’s character and heritage – its visual beauty, the vigor of its rivers and streams, the clarity of its air, the richness of its wildlife.” – “The Secrets of the Oak Forests” by Kate Marianchild Stress is in abundance these days, whether it’s the worsening newsRead More →

Green is the color all year round in the winter garden In the colder part of the year it is always good to have something green, alive and producing in the dead of winter. A pansy with dark green foliage and purple and yellow faces, dusty suckers or coral bellsRead More →

While the residents of Pleasanton bring out their holiday decorations, many have an ornament which is a small replica of the Pleasanton Arch, created by local artist Gary Winter. He also makes them as magnets. “I’ve sold thousands of them,” he said. All his life Gary invented various forms ofRead More →

JA Bolton Storyteller Here in the south, many old majestic oaks still dot our landscapes. If unhindered by storms or humans, these old oak trees can live for hundreds of years. Why, some have lived to be a thousand years old. Oak trees provide shade, wood products, oxygen to theRead More →

Through Rebecca Miller Cripps, Master Gardener UCCE Posted Aug 15, 2021 7:30 AM During a conversation with my photographer son, we marveled at the native and endemic plant species, which only exist in this region, California. He camped and backpacked in Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Park (Seki), in aweRead More →

CHARLESTOWN, RI – Once Rhode Island’s predominant hardwood tree species, oaks have taken several major hits in recent years. Attacked by gypsy moths, weakened by drought, and cleared for commercial solar energy projects, the oak population has declined rapidly. Conservationists are now watching to see what the state’s forests mightRead More →

Breadcrumb Links Entertainment Local News Local entertainment Author of the article: Mark and Ben Cullen Release date : November 15, 2020 • November 26, 2020 • 3 minutes to read • Join the conversation This oak tree is an Olympian, a living history book, a clean air machine, and itRead More →

The time of year has come when many of us might hear a snap! on the roof, followed by an increasingly silent bump bump bump bump. Yes, the annual oak attack has started, signaled by the sound of acorns storming the roof. We all know tiny acorns grow mighty oakRead More →

The historic mid-August heat wave began with one of the largest thunderstorm outbreaks I’ve ever seen in coastal California. The thunderstorms created a flurry of dry lightning that started more than 700 forest fires in northern and central California. So far this year, approximately 2,500 square miles have been burnedRead More →

Planting a tree is an act of love and sacrifice, knowing that depending on the species, you may not live long enough to see it mature. In this episode of Wildlife Matters, the masked biologist reflects on the significance of the act of planting an oak tree. I’m a bigRead More →