The Gibson Pickup Shop is now open

It’s no exaggeration to say that Gibson electric guitar Mid-20th century innovations helped define the sound of music in the contemporary era.

The history of Gibson’s world-class pickup designs dates back to the pre-war years of the 1930s. the guitar.

Gibson began electrifying its flagship archtop, the Super 400, while its first electric Spanish model, the ES-150, was announced in 1936.

World War II put a temporary pause in the evolution of the electric guitar. However, by 1946 Gibson had resumed production of its groundbreaking ES models.

Gibson pickup shop

(Image credit: Gibson)

Equipped with P-90 pickups, these instruments proved to be very popular. And with the ability to be heard more clearly during performances, guitarists have moved further into the limelight, taking the Gibson sound with them into the history books.

About a decade later, Gibson electronics engineer Seth Lover perfected the design of the PAF humbucker. Initially appearing on lap steels, the new pickup was first seen on iconic guitars such as the Les Paul model and the 1957 ES-175.

With such a rich history of innovation, Gibson has returned time and time again to these winning pickup designs when building guitars. Today, the company has launched its own Pickup Shop, offering a wide choice of options through three collections: Historical (opens in a new tab), Original (opens in a new tab) and Modern (opens in a new tab).

In centuries-old tradition, Gibson’s handcrafted pickups feature custom-made magnets (carefully magnetized at the Pickup Shop); maple wood spacers; high-quality roofing materials; and four- or two-conductor wiring.

At the time, Gibson wound pickup coils using machines made by Geo-Stevens, Leesona and Meteor, and the Pickup Shop continues this practice using a Meteor ME-301 – the same machine used at the factory. Gibson of Kalamazoo in the 1950s.

According to Gibson, “The Meteor ME-301 bobbin winders are very precise precision winders that can handle winding a greater amount of bobbins simultaneously.”

PAF Humbuckers

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“Our updated lineup has been categorized into Original, Modern and Historic Collections to align with our Original, Modern and Historic Guitar Collections,” said Jason Davidson, Director of Product Development and Curator of the Gibson Archives at Gibson Brands. .

“The Original Collection features pickups based on our original designs, from the classic P-90 Dogear single coil to the Dirty Fingers humbucker.

“The Modern Collection features pickups designed for more modern sounds and features 4-conductor wiring to allow for a variety of switching options.

“Our landmark collection launches with the aftermarket debut of the Custombucker, previously available exclusively on Gibson Custom Shop guitars.”

Click on here (opens in a new tab) to visit the new Gibson Pickup Shop.