Two people die in a burning vehicle crash in a tree in Vallejo

Two people died on Saturday evening after a vehicle crashed into a maple tree in Vallejo, causing the vehicle to catch fire, authorities said.

Authorities first received a call from the crash in Block 1000 on Shasta Street around 9:22 p.m., said Kevin Brown, spokesperson for the Vallejo Fire Department. Police from Vallejo first arrived at the scene and found a vehicle that had crashed into a large maple tree and was fully on fire, with a driver and front passenger still inside the vehicle, said Brown.

Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after the crash, Brown said, but the two adult occupants died before first responders could reach them.

“The damage from the impact was significant and the vehicle caught fire,” said Brown.

The cause of the accident is under investigation. Brown said.

Vallejo Police officials could not be reached on Saturday evening, but Brown told The Chronicle that police investigators were to be at the scene for several hours.

An older adult sustained minor injuries after passers-by pulled him away from his car, which was struck by the vehicle before it crashed into the tree, Brown said. This person received medical attention at the scene.

“He got out and tried to move his vehicle because of the fire in the vehicle that was next door,” Brown said. “A few other passers-by ran out and pulled him to make sure he wasn’t injured by the fire.”

Lauren Hernández is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @ByLHernandez

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